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-New theme!: woo i'm so so so excited, this is my very first theme. since many of you guys liked my follow forever and I really wanted to make a theme, I didn't have ideas but then after the reactions of many of youu I thought 'hm! let's make this ff a theme' and this is how this little baby was born.

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jongdae + green ➝ for anon

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awedyo asked: Leelee!! I was gonna ask u this on kakao but u disappeared D: but do u know how to make transitions for multiple still images? Its kind of like the effect u used for the kai gfx except the image changes to another

kriss hi!

sorry my phone was dead and I had to buy another charger ;a;

but sure, I’ll teach how to do that

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baeksoo selca.

baeksoo selca.

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 When Sehun gets hugged by a kid

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kyungsoo - ep 1 

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